Fuck yourself in parentheses how to be a punk alternative title do you even punk bro

from by Chuck Bucket

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Fuck yourself
If you're cool you'll do it
Fuck yourself
Youre the only one who'll do it

Get yourself some combat boots
Or holey rotting chucks
Get a dread hawk mullet
That says i don't give a fuck
Get a thrift store jacket
And then cut off both the sleeves
Cover it with patches
That you ordered from a zine
Safety pins, spikes and studs
Razor blades, and chains
Get yourself a fucking dog
And hop a fucking train
Dont need soap, deodorant
Underwear, or socks
The only thing you need in this world
Is punk fucking rock

Rant tattoos/piercings

Fuck yourself
Do it, you won't do it
Fuck yourself
You won't do it, do it

Have only strong opinions
But never read a book
Hate everyone with money
They're a chump or they're a crook
You don't need a job
When you squat to pay the rent
Why pay fucking taxes
Just say fuck the government
Say fuck the man
Every single fucking day
Kill the fucking fascists
But their food stamps are ok
Too bad you can't get fucked up
On social subsidies
But if you can sell some drugs
Then all of them are free

Rant girlfriend

Fuck yourself
Do it, you won't do it
Fuck yourself
You won't do it, do it

Later down the road
You'll probably want to start a band
Hoping to fuck horny sluts
From all across the land
Its really fucking east
You don't need yo know to play
Trying hard at anything
Is really fucking gay
Smash in people's face
While you're throwing piss filled cans
Burn down the fucking venue
Just to show that you're a man
And when you go to jail
I promise it won't be that bad
When you can't afford the bail
You can always
Just call your dad

Thats right
Call your dad

Cause you just fucked yourself
You didn't see it coming
You fucked yourself
Its really fucking funny
(Times two)

I guess you fucked yourself


from You Lose EP, released December 24, 2015



all rights reserved


Chuck Bucket Austin, Texas

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